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New York Bass Fishing

NY Bass Fishing

When it comes to successful bass fishing on New York lakes, finding bass is the biggest challenge in catching bass. Bass hang out in very specific places for very specific reasons. No matter where bass are found, they experience an annual cycle of activity that is much the same. Spring warmth in New York triggers a move to the shallows to feed and spawn. Bass stage a pre-spawn feeding frenzy in water from mid 40s to the high 50s. The bass will be highly concentrated on New York lakes in the areas that warm earliest. For example: the extreme shallow ends of coves, channels between lakes or bays, little protected bays with dark bottoms and in shallow channels. The main thing is to find a good, warm bay and then do a decent job of casting to the banks. The bass are going to be tight to the banks. The water in New York lakes and rivers warms steadily after the spawn as the bass begin to move toward their summer haunts and prepare for serious feeding.


Early summer bass wreak havoc on the minnows spawning in the shallows where the bass just spawned. Spinnerbaits, jig/minnow combinations, and plastic worms are top baits used in the spring. As summer approaches on New York lakes the fish have come off their post-spawn behavior and the lake is setting up in a summer pattern. To a great extent, the active schools of bass will congregate on the inside turns in weeds on breaks near the shore. The inside turns that hold the most and biggest bass are those with the thickest new weeds and the fastest drops into deeper water. Try fishing 6-12 feet of water, but check down as far as 20 feet. At this time of year on New York lakes the active bass will be tightly grouped, and you will almost always find some on inside turns. Other great places to check for bass in the summer months is around points, flats, docks, and any cover. After a cold front, bass often tuck up in the dense, floating masses of any weedbeds or vegetation on a lake. Throughout the summer on New York lakes with weedlines bass fishing can be very good. Deep weedlines naturally attract bass, as it’s the place where the security of deep water meets the cover and food of the weeds. If a lake has good deeper weeds, that’s where bass spend most of their time. In New York lakes that do not have much weed cover, bass will spend more time on dropoffs.

Cooling water in the fall brings on more changes. The fall turnover destroys the thermal stratification on the lake, so uniform temperatures top to bottom allow the bass to move up, down, or sideways wherever they choose. Fall bass are very active, moving from deep water to shallow water searching for food. Studies have shown that bass do more prowling now than at any other time of the year.

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