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  New York Trout Fishing  
New York Trout Fishing
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NY Trout Fishing Tips
New York Trout Fishing Rivers

New York Trout Fishing

New York is known for some outstanding Trout Fishing and Steelhead Fishing throughout the State.  The Brook Trout is New York's official State fish and is a native fish to New York.  Brook Trout live in small to medium sized New York lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds, where cool, clear water is present.  Brook Trout are most popular in the Adirondack Lakes area of New York.  The Lake Trout is also a native of New York waters.  New York Lake Trout are found mostly in the Finger Lakes, Adirondack Lakes Area, and the Great Lakes of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  Brown Trout can be found in waters all across New York thanks in part to their tolerance of warmer water.  Rainbow Trout are also more tolerant of warmer water and can be found in lakes, rivers, and streams throughout New York.  Rainbow Trout typically put up very big fights when hooked, often making a series of jumps to try an escape.

New York Brown Trout Fishing Tips

In the cool early morning hours, insect activity is typically less intense, and a predatory brown trout is more likely to hunt small baitfish.  Focus your casts to deep pools that feature structure like sunken tree stumps and weeds.
On summer afternoons where there isn't a prolific hatch going off, brown trout hunt for insects.  Focus your attention on grassy undercut banks and overhanging logjams where these bugs drop in the water.
This is when a NY summer angler has the best chance to catch a really big brown trout.  Look for a deep, slow-moving run adjacent to a grassy bank or brushpile.  Position yourself on the bank, or as tight to it as your back cast will allow, than cast a surface-riding mouse fly toward the middle of the current.  Strip it back with erratic twitches.  The fly should look like a panicked mouse swimming for the safety of shore.

New York Brook Trout Fishing Tips

The best NY Brook Trout fishing occurs in the spring and fall when water temps are cool.  During this time Brook Trout are easier to find because they typically inhabit waters close to shore.  In the summer, look for Brook Trout near natural springs in a pond or lake.  Evening fishing trips are your best bet for catching Brook Trout in the warm summer months.

New York Lake Trout Fishing Tips

In the spring, look for Lake Trout along dropoffs, near points, and on rocky shoals.  In the summer, NY Lake Trout like to inhabit deep water near schools of baitfish where trolling is the best technique.

New York Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips

Rainbow Trout spawn in the spring, while New York's other trout species spawn in the fall.  In the spring and fall, anglers can find success catching Rainbow Trout throughout the day.  In the NY summer months, Rainbow Trout anglers will have better luck in early morning and evening.  Top Rainbow Trout locations include river mouths and shoreline dropoffs.

New York Steelhead Trout Fishing Tips

Before heading to your favorite NY trout river or stream, itís especially important to get river-level information.  Knowing how much water is flowing through a system can dictate how you fish. By being aware of whatís happening, youíll be prepared to use the best approach to find trout.

2. Tie all your leaders before you leave home. This is a huge time-saver and will help you increase your catch rates. When on the river, keep that line in the water as much as possible. By having leaders pre-tied, change-outs are quick when a leader gets snapped off or needs to be replaced.

3. Bring what gear you need, and no more. If youíll be using various approaches, some gear or extra rods can be left in the rig, so as not to tie you down. Be ready to fish a different method, however, should the need arise. You may need to be floating jigs at one hole and drift-fishing yarn balls at another. Be willing to diversify, try various approaches and stay on the move. Equip yourself to be mobile. It can pay off in the form of more trout.

New York Trout Fishing in Streams
Here is a list of some of the best spots to find Trout in New York streams:
1. Undercut Banks - It can be difficult to reach these fish from directly above since when you walk above the bank fish can hear your footsteps. The best way to reach these Trout is to cast from the opposite shore or to drift in a boat as close to the undercut as possible.
2. Overhanging Vegetation - Tree branches and shrubs can provide cover from some over-flying predators and can drop insects into the water. This is a prime area for Trout to hang out in NY streams.
3. Behind a Rock - A big midstream boulder is a popular feeding spot for Trout as the rock provides a strong current flowing from both sides, and a more sheltered spot to find food.
4. Head of a Pool - Trout tend to gather at the head of a pool to feed on the food coming in from the faster water upstream.
5. Tributaries - Smaller streams that enter the main river often bring cooler water and provide additional food sources. This is a great place to look for Trout in the summer when the main river warms and fish gather near the cool inflows.

NY Trout Fishing New York Trout Fishing

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